Marietta Electrical Repair & Replacement

Do you know how to fix basic electrical problems? If not, call a residential electrical repair company for help!

Most people don’t know what to do in an electrical emergency or when something breaks down. And to be fair, working on electrical systems is best left to a professional. If you’re unsure what to do when something goes wrong, make sure you have the number handy of a reliable residential electrical services company like Snappy Electric, Plumbing, Heating, & Air!

We are proud to offer the following electrical services:

Considering installing new lighting? Our expert electricians provide plenty of options including dimmer and recessed lighting.

Common Household Electrical Problems

Everyone has electrical problems from time to time, and when you have problems, your safety is the most important thing, which is why it’s essential you have a residential electrician you can rely on for help. Here are common problems you’ll encounter where you should call in for a Marietta electrician.

  • Power Surge — Faulty wiring or a faulty device can cause frequent power surges.
  • Light Switch Failure — If your light switch does not connect your light to power, it may be faulty wiring or the circuit could be bad.
  • Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips — If you have appliances that are high wattage such as a hairdryer or microwave, it can cause your circuit breaker to trip. Frequent breaker trips is a sign you have a problem with your electrical load.
  • Shocks — If you get a shock when you plug in an appliance or light, or flip on a switch, it’s a dangerous situation that needs fixed ASAP.

All of these problems have the potential to turn deadly if not fixed right away. Call an electrical repair service and don’t take chances!

Is Sparks From Outlets Dangerous?

We’ve all seen sparks shoot out from an outlet when plugging in a device and think it’s normal. Outlets spark for several reasons but the most common are a short circuit, old age, or it was repaired improperly. While it’s concerning, you rarely have to worry if it happens occasionally, however, if it sparks every time you plug in, it’s time to call in a residential electrician for help, because this is a dangerous situation.

Don’t be left at the whim of a power outage. Have a whole-home generator installed!

What To Do When You Lose Power

Losing power is an inconvenience, but it can also be serious if someone relies on medical devices. When you lose power, follow these tips to remain safe.

  • Don’t open your fridge or freezer and allow cold air to escape
  • If you use a generator, keep it outside
  • Disconnect electronic devices to keep them safe from power surges
  • Call a residential electrician
  • If you need help, go to a neighbor or get out of the house and go to a public place

Electrical problems are common, but most should be dealt with by a professional. Call Snappy Electric, Plumbing, Heating, & Air in the Marietta, GA area at (770) 424-7627 if you need an electrical repair company.