Marietta Sewer Line Repair & Installation Services

Are you having sewer line problems because of your old cast iron pipes? Call Snappy Electric, Plumbing, Heating, & Air and ask about a sewer line replacement.

Many older homes are now experiencing problems due to the cast iron pipes. Most iron pipes last about 25-35 years, and after that, they begin to fail due to corrosion and tree root intrusion. Don’t wait until your old pipes fail, call a professional sewer line repair company and ask them about a sewer line replacement today.

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Signs You May Have Damaged Sewer Pipes

As mentioned, older sewer pipes are prone to corrosion, clogs and tree root intrusion. This is a common problem that can be fixed with a sewer line replacement. Here are the most common signs you have a problem with your sewer pipes.

  • Slow drains
  • Mold buildup
  • Difficulty flushing toilet
  • Gas odor coming from drains or sewers
  • Pools of waste in your yard
  • Overgrown patches on your lawn
  • Cracks in your foundation or sinkholes on your property

If you notice any of these problems, you may need a sewer line replacement. Call a professional plumber for an appointment and assessment.

Common Causes of Sewer Pipe Damage

There are a number of issues that can lead to your sewer pipes needing replacement, but here are the most common.

  • Age - Old iron pipes corrode after about 30 years
  • Tree roots - Tree roots seek out water sources, and if there’s a break in your line, the roots will infiltrate the pipe
  • Fat & Grease - When you pour fat and grease from cooking down the drain, it builds up like cholesterol in an artery, which can cause backup and flooding

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Repair vs. Replacement

Digging up a sewer line is an expensive job, and everyone wants to save money on their plumbing costs. Depending on the cause of your sewer line problem, you may get by with a fix, however, that will only delay the inevitable.

When you have a tree root invasion, you can put copper sulfate down the drain which will repel the roots. This buys you some time, but in the end, you’re going to need a main sewer line replacement. The bottom line is that when you have a major blockage, it’s preferred to have the line replaced rather than repaired because the new line is stronger and will last longer.

Clogged sewer lines are a headache and the sooner you get help, the sooner you can get relief. If you’re in the Marietta, GA area and are thinking you need main sewer line repair, call Snappy Electric, Plumbing, Heating, & Air today at (770) 424-7627 for an appointment.