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11 Home Maintenance Tips Perfect for the Summer

11 Home Maintenance Tips Perfect for the Summer

Finding simple home maintenance tips is crucial to protecting the long-term value of your home.

In the summer, we tend to have a few extra hours, so we suggest taking advantage of this time to work on a couple of home maintenance tips that will protect your home.

As always, the toughest part of routine home maintenance remains started. To help, then try to create some family fun around chores to change the attitude and behavior around cleaning.

1. Create Chore Checklists

This might be a wishlist, but creating habits around chores will make an impact the rest of the year as well!

If you have children, they are probably looking for some summer activities. Start a new game around household chores. From the toys that are on fire to the vacuum monster, there are a few ways to get kids excited about picking up their stuff.

Home Maintenance Tips Around the House

2. Add Some Storage Space

The summer typically means more house guests and visitors in and out of your home. If you need some additional storage space, then consider some open walls and add some shelves to store some of those odds and ends.

For example, make use of empty space above the toilet by adding in three shelves stocked with towels, toilet paper,and other essentials.

3. Clean and Clear the Garbage Disposal

Not necessarily a home maintenance tip that must be done during the summer, but it is important to clean out your garbage disposal every so often. There are a few ways to clean your garbage disposal, including flushing it with hot water and some dish soap.

4. Check the Washing Machine and Other Appliances

High-efficiency and high-capacity washing machines are great for all your daily laundry needs, but when you add the high volume from summertime needs, you could be headed for breakdowns.

Here are some tips on cleaning the washing machine, along with other home appliances such as the dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator and range/stove.

5. Clean the Windows and Don’t Forget the Screens

Most of us take some time to wash our exterior windows, but we also need to wash the window screens. To wash the screens, then remove the window screens and gently scrub them with hot soapy water.

Home Maintenance Tips Around the Yard

6. Help Your Curb Appeal with Front Porch Upgrades

For those homeowners with a front porch, then take some time this summer to add some lights or minor decorations. This is a simple way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Plus, it adds another area for entertaining during the summer.

7. Use Plants to Protect Your Privacy

One of the best parts of summer is sitting outside and relaxing. For some of us, nosey neighbors can impede on our relaxation efforts. To help, consider adding container gardens for deck privacy.

  • Potted plants such as arborvitae or clumping bamboo can be positioned to create a green screen around a raised deck seating area.
  • Ideally, pots should be raised up on casters or made of lightweight materials so you can easily move them for parties or deck repairs.

8. Compost to Reduce Waste and Improve the Garden

As part of our summer gardening efforts, then consider composting. This is a great way to cut back on household waste and improve your soil, which will help those fruits and vegetables grow as well.

9. Water Responsibly

During the summer, we all want a green grass to help our homes look great. It is important to pay attention to any watering restrictions in your town or state.

  • Generally, lawns need at least one inch of water per week.
  • For best results, water lawns deeply and infrequently because infrequent watering helps to create drought-tolerant roots.
  • If you are unable to water your lawn often, it is best to let the lawn go dormant (brown) because once grass goes brown it actually stresses the plant to try to water it back to a green condition.
  • Don’t worry, the grass will likely green up in the fall, but proper care is still important.

10. Find Cheap and Effective Planters to Improve Air Quality

Our green thumbs tend to come out during the summer, but for many of us, our plants don’t last too long. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive ways to add some plants to your home.

Although this doesn’t seem like a home maintenance project, plants do help improve indoor air quality, which is important to a healthy lifestyle.

11. Watch Out for Sensitive Materials in Summer Heat

Every homeowner has some items sitting in the garage or shed that are heat-sensitive and too toxic to just throw away.

  • If unexpired, the items can be placed in a cooler area during the humid and hot months.
  • If you need to get rid of them, contact your local town or city government about disposal procedures.

Homes take a lot of work, so finding simple ways to ensure proper home maintenance is one of the keys to ensuring your home stays in great shape.

Every season there are a few places to focus. If you find yourself looking for help, then consider a Home Protection Plan.