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5 Ways to Save Energy During the Holiday

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The holidays are exhilarating and wonderful, but also stressful and draining time as well. The mental drain can also extend to your utility bills as well, so many folks want to find ways to save energy.

In order to keep up with the shopping, decorating, class parties, and staff parties, we tend to resort to unhealthy tactics that only sap our energy more. The holidays should be about fun, family, and festivities! Not the endless to-do list or the electric bill, like the Griswolds.

From lights to waste and your personal energy, there a few ways to save energy during the holidays.

1. Save Energy with LED Lighting

There is a way to make sure your wallet doesn't suffer as much when you want to go all out with your lighting prowess.

Choose LED lights instead of incandescent, they use less energy and in the end cost much less to keep your home merry and bright.

2. Conserve Waste When Wrapping Gifts

Yes, Christmas wrapping paper with cute penguins and frolicking snowmen are nice, but it lasts seconds, the kids barely take notice of it, and it is a terrible waste of paper.

If you do go the traditional store-bought wrapping paper route, but are in sudden need of a bag, here is a clever way to turn some wrapping paper into a gift bag!

3. Grinch-Free Trees

If you decorate with a tree, then you may not think about what happens to the tree once Christmas is over. We take down our decorations, drain the stand, and then toss into the trash the very thing that was our Christmas beacon.

Cutting down and disposing of used trees gets wasteful, so after the holidays consider recycling your tree.

4. Design Comfort & Joy in Your Home

Designing your home to incorporate some zen styling is good not only for the holiday season, but all year long. Buying succulents instead of flowers can help purify the air in your home, and they take less care, so no more killing your houseplants.

Everyone loves big, comfy blankets, and in this case, they are necessary! Get yourself a fluffy blanket for the bed and a cozy throw for the couch, wrap up and watch your troubles melt away.

Often, the state of your home reflects your state of mind. If so, then decluttering your end tables and junk drawers will not only help you feel less antsy this season but will also make it easier to find that extra roll of tape you'll need when you use up the current one.

5. Create YOU Time

How about just a moment to yourself during which no one was allowed to bother you?

Has it been so long you need some ideas as to how to unwind and destress?

Maybe you're sick of fighting for TV time. Now is the time to indulge. Put on some comfy PJs and watch the movie that no one else in the house will agree on.

It's YOU time, so feel free to enjoy some wine or a cup of hot chocolate while you're at it.

Other ways to destress and unwind while you have time to yourself?

  • Get your haircut and ask for the massage if they offer one.
  • Bake cookies and eat as many as you want.
  • Color a picture without your toddler adding his or her own touches.
  • Read without interruption.

This is your time to do what you want without anyone demanding your attention elsewhere!

We hope you enjoyed these ways to save energy this holiday season!