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5 Wonderful Winter Energy Saving Tips

5 Wonderful Winter Energy Saving Tips

Mother Nature is making a mark this year and ensuring we all feel a little chill this winter. For those of us that prefer a little warmer air, then we rely on our home heating. The heating bill may add up, so fortunately, there are some wonderful winter energy saving tips that help.

Of course, you can always wear warmer clothes.

It may seem trite, but of the best things to do is layer up. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, robes, slippers, and socks; just like when you go outside to play in the snow, or shovel your car out, layers will help keep you warm inside without having to crank the thermostat.

If we could all turn into bears and hibernate until spring, we would. But, as it is, we still have jobs, school, and the everyday errands that pull us from the warmth of our cozy homes. To help, here are some winter energy saving tips that you can implement today!

1. Address Air Leaks!

Did you know that leaks in your home will allow the cold air outside to sneak inside?

You can check for leaks by either looking for cracked caulking or any other gaps or by doing a pressurization test. This test includes turning off all vents and exhaust fans, lighting an incense stick, and moving it over typical leak areas.

Look for areas in your home that are most often the culprits of leaks, such as:

  • electrical outlets.
  • doors and windows.
  • baseboards.
  • vents.
  • attic doors.
  • fireplace dampers.

Run your hand over these areas. If you feel the cool air, you may want to have a closer look for cracks, gaps, and damage that may be allowing the air outside in.

2. Maintain Home Insulation!

When was the last time you thought about the insulation in your home?

If it's been a while, you may want to consider updating the insulation in your home. While some of these energy saving tips are nice weekend projects, insulation is not.


Professionals make sure the job is done safely and correctly, any leaks are sealed before the insulation goes in, and they can make sure you get the right type of insulation for your home. As important as insulation is, it is more important that it be done correctly.

3. Fix Drafty Windows!

Big windows are a great feature and a big draw, especially when the weather is nice and the view is worth looking at, but come winter those big windows can be a big pain.

If you followed some of the standard energy saving tips and are still cold, then check the windows. You could invest in more energy efficient windows, but if even that isn't enough, you can cover your windows with heavy plastic on the insides in order to help keep the heat in and the cold out.

4. Make the Little Things Count!

The little things make a big difference. And there are plenty of energy saving tips that add up to make your home warm all winter long. Simple things will all add up and help save energy in your home, along with lowering your winter heating bill, such as:

  • reversing your ceiling fans to push the heat down.
  • laying down carpets or rugs on bare wood and tile floors.
  • using a humidifier.
  • using a crock pot more often than your stove.
  • letting your dishes air dry in the dishwasher as opposed to running the dry cycle.
  • use the appropriate size burner for your pots when cooking on the stove top.
  • switching to energy efficient light bulbs.

5. Turn Down the Thermostat!

Did you know turning your thermostat down to 68 degrees could help you save about 25% percent on your heating costs?

Most of us spend a good portion of the day out of the house. If you have the heat up, you are warming an empty house and adding to that heating bill.

The solution?

Turn the heat down a little more during the day and then back up when you come home from work. Plus, installing a programmable thermostat will help warm your home before you and your family arrive.

If you have any questions, then please call us today because we are here 24/7 to help with any of your home service needs!