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Classic Movies to Watch with Your Family

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Do you think about your youth as the good 'ole days? Are you happy creating your own memories? Does your home remain the setting of the story?

Typically, home offers peace of mind and comfort. For example, do you think about where you grew up? Or where you gather with loved ones for the holidays? Yes, home is a place for families.

In honor of Oscar weekend, some of our favorite classic movies that make us feel like home!

- E.T.

A classic fill that continuously remains loved every generation. Why? The theme of love and family is timeless.

"E.T. phone home." Released in 1982, E.T. is a classic story of finding home. The story of a little alien left behind by his ship and befriended by a young boy. This film makes us cry, laugh, and wish for an alien friend.

Although some adult themes (a drunk alien and some swearing) exist, we remember watching E.T. as kids. In this film, a family comes together and protects each other, including the newest member of their family as their home is invaded by curious scientists.

- The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is a classic film about returning home that tells us all we need to do, is go back home!

All Dorothy wants is to leave home. However, when a twister drops her in a strange land called Oz, all she wants to go back home. This 1939 film's catchphrase, "There's no place like home" is the feel good movie we can all relate to.

Dorothy meets witches good and bad, munchkins that sing and dance, friends who join her on her journey to a wizard who can help her get home, as well as the scary creatures of Oz like some angry, apple-throwing trees and flying monkeys.

- The Goonies

Released in 1985, the Goonies is one of those movies that never gets old. An entire neighborhood is due to be evicted so that developers can replace it with a golf course. A group of kids wind up on a hunt for pirate treasure.

To save their home, the kids take on mobsters, a monster, and pirate booby traps in order to find the treasure of One Eyed Willie. Full of hilarious catchphrases, timeless friendships, and hope, The Goonies is one of those films that continues to be loved for decades.

- Dan in Real Life

Dan in Real Life is the story of a writer whose family is determined the he find love after his wife's passing a few years before.

Lucky him when he meets Marie, a woman makes him laugh and feel comfortable. Ultimately, he opens up about his past. But, his hopes are dashed when he finds out Marie is currently seeing his younger brother. A hilarious weekend of awkwardness in the family's summer home ensues as Dan hides his growing feelings for his brother's girlfriend.

What are your classic movies to watch to feel like home? Please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!