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Five Fantastic Indoor Kids Winter Activities

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Unfortunately, hibernation is not an option. At times, the cold winter temperatures make it uncomfortable to be outside for long periods of time. And we still need to entertain kids, so many parents are looking for kids winter activities that don't mess up the home too much.

Plus, it is a good idea to get kids away from the video games and television to improve their health. Occasionally, some outdoor activities are needed to help with Vitamin D and generally exercise, but here are some indoor activities that will keep them occupied and entertained.

1. Build an Indoor Snowman

Who doesn't love building a snowman?

That activity may be the one that gets people excited for snow, but when you're stuck inside because of storms or you just need something to keep your kids' minds engaged, make indoor snowmen.

Set them up at the kitchen table and provide them with snowman building kits. You can use play doh, a plate of marshmallows, chocolate chips, and pretzels, some felt and markers, or make these cute snowmen out of socks and rice!

2. Create an Indoor Igloo

For the indoor days when your kids have spent enough time under that pale sky or there is a blizzard keeping them in, gather all of the blankets, pillows, cushions, and chairs into the living room and let your kids build an epic fort. Once done, watch their imaginations turn that heap into an afternoon of fun!

3. Baking Warms the Home and Spirits

Kids love to help out, especially when they get to get a little messy in the kitchen. Baking is a great indoor activity that lets the little kids help measure and big kids can take turns mixing. Then, kids of all ages can enjoy the finished products!

4. Let it Snow with Paper Snowflakes

Do you need a simple, fun craft project that will entertain kids for hours? Find some scissors, along with a stack of white paper and let the kids create plenty of unique paper snowflakes.

5. Make Birdfeeders

Birds have less access to food during the winter months, but hearing those birds sing can lift our mood even when the weather can't. Making birdfeeders will help ensure that you'll have little, feathered visitors all winter long.

Homemade birdfeeders are a great way to pass those long winter days and spend time together as a family with any of these options. Simply create and hang them in your yard to watch the magic!

We hope you find these ideas helpful! What are your favorite kids winter activities when they are cooped up inside?