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Avoid a Frightening Plumbing Emergency

Avoid a Frightening Plumbing Emergency

Don't Let Plumbing Ghosts Keep You Awake at Night

Halloween is a time for fang-tastic fun and a howling good time, but too often homeowners find their Halloween ruined by a plumbing emergency. The ghosts of plumbing scares haunt many a homeowner's nightmares, spreading fear of flooding, burst pipes, and other plumbing troubles. Read on to discover how to prevent the most common plumbing emergencies and keep the Halloween season fun and safe for the entire household.

Cobwebbed Gutters Will Cause Chaos


Pipes, drains, sinks, and toilets - these are the common villains of plumbing nightmares. Alas, homeowners seldom think of drains as a problem when, in fact, they are often a major cause of plumbing problems. Gutters are used to direct water from rain and snowfall away from the home. When blocked, dirty, or broken gutters become unable to perform this essential function.

When gutters fail, the pipes used to direct water out of the home and keep groundwater away from the foundation face more work. As groundwater accumulates, the home's foundation may begin to crack from the pressure of the water. Accumulated water can lead to moisture problems in the basement, encouraging mold and mildew growth, and impacting the air quality of the home.

At its worst, accumulated water can cause floods. Keeping gutters cleared and in good repair lightens the load on the sump pump and other pipes that keep water out of the home's basement.

Pipes Can Bring About Panic

Exposed pipes are often found in unfinished basements. Despite being a common feature in many homes, uninsulated pipes are a threat to the home.


The changing weather of fall and the nearing winter can wreak havoc on exposed pipes. Extreme temperature drops, drastic changes, and continuous exposure to frigid temperatures can cause pipes to crack or burst. Additionally, uninsulated hot-water pipes lose efficiency and release heat. Uninsulated hot-water pipes can contribute to moisture growth in colder basements and humidity troubles.

As the weather gets colder, the risk for bursting pipes increases. Replacement of burst pipes is expensive and time-consuming, often requiring several days of work from a plumber. Instead of risking a burst, a plumbing expert can insulate exposed pipes and prevent the problem from ever happening.

Drains May Lead to a Dire Problem

Often, homeowners assume that store-bought drain de-cloggers and "Do It Yourself" tips are adequate when it comes to solving drain problems. Unfortunately, most DIY solutions and over the counter products cannot clear an entire drain line and often aren't able to handle tougher clogs in a localized area, either.

One of the most common calls a plumber takes, clogged pipes are a common bane to homeowners everywhere. Clogged pipes can cause water to backflow, allowing sewage and dirty water to invade the tub, sink, kitchen, and bathroom. Basements with clogged pipes can indicate sewage line problems, and those clogs need to be handled only by experts to prevent hazards from invading the home.

Stop plumbing scares in their tracks! Keep an eye out for these signs that a plumbing problem needs fixing, and call a professional the second they pop up to keep plumbing emergencies from happening in the home.

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