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Celebrate Earth Day With Greener Water Habits at Home!

Celebrate Earth Day With Greener Water Habits at Home!

Simple Water Conservation Tips for Every Homeowner!

Earth Day is a time to thank the world for being the beautiful home for every human. Thanks to Earth Day's growing popularity, homeowners have become eco-minded in the last few decades. Making the home greener is a great goal, and an excellent place to start is the home's water consumption. 900 billion gallons of water are wasted every year in America, but homeowners can do their part to reduce that number with three easy steps.

"Tap" Into Water Savingsturn off the tap

Dentists like to remind people to brush their teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day, but they never say to leave the faucet running while brushing. There's a reason for that: 5 gallons of water get wasted every time someone leaves the faucet running while brushing their teeth, shaving, or washing their face.

A family of four will waste about 32 gallons of water a day when keeping this bad habit. Homeowners can save thousands of gallons of water a year by turning the sink off when not directly using the running water. The Earth and the water bill will thank them for it!

bath "Soak Up" To Conserve Water

After a sweaty day's work, a hot shower can be just the ticket to relax and clean up. Unfortunately, a long hot shower is also a ticket straight for water-waste central. A shower that lasts 10 minutes or less uses about 25-40 gallons of water depending on the showerhead's efficiency, while a full bath uses about 60 gallons of water. Any shower over 15 minutes starts wasting more water than soaking in a bath.

For a quick clean, showers are a conservationist's friend, but for a long, relaxing session, taking a bath is the way to go. If homeowners are looking to save water but don't like baths after a sweaty day of work, exercise, etc., they could compromise with a short shower to clean off and relax in a bath afterward.

"Wash Out" for Wasteful Water Leaks

Of all the ways to waste water in a home, leaky plumbing is the most common and often the hardest to spot. The average American home will waste over 10,000 gallons of water a year due to hidden leaks. Homeowners will frequently detect a leaky pipe or fixture by glancing at their water bill - if it's suddenly gone up, but the home's demands haven't changed, there's probably a leak somewhere in the system.

Usually, working with a plumber is the best way to locate a leak and have it fixed. Leaks can appear behind walls, in tight quarters, and even in several different places. Their causes can vary from a loose part to a corroded pipe. The good news is, plumbing professionals can locate a leak and diagnose its cause, as well as fix it for homeowners. Checking the water bill regularly and keeping a local plumber on-call for suspected leaks is a good rule of thumb for any homeowner hoping to spot leaks before they become big problems.

Following these three easy water conservation tips can help make any home more eco-friendly just in time for Earth Day.

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