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Common Times To Upgrade the Electrical Panel

Common Times To Upgrade the Electrical Panel

3 Tips To Help Upgrade the Electrical Panel

When something goes wrong in the electrical system, it can be hard to tell where the problem lies. Usually, the electrical panel is the go-to place when the power to a whole room or section of the house goes out. Otherwise, there's a whole list of things people check before they think about their panel. However, there are some tell-tale signs that the electrical panel could use replacing.

Read on to find out tips to keep the electrical panel up to date and the house free from potentially dangerous electrical issues.

If There Is Faulty Wiring

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Faulty wiring can cause damage and injury in certain cases. If homeowners start to experience electrical problems, it could be faulty wiring. The older the wiring, the more likely it is to cause problems, but this is not always the cause. Faulty wiring can be caused by poor workmanship, rodents chewing electrical lines, or even a leak they're unaware of.

Symptoms of Faulty Wiring:

  • Small shocks when touching light switches.
  • Flickering lights.
  • The smell of ozone or burning plastic.
  • Scorch marks at outlets or electrical panels.
  • Warmth at the electrical panel.

While faulty wiring may not warrant replacing the entire electrical panel, it's a good idea to have a professional take a look at the overall system to fix the problem.

When Installing New Appliances

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It's always a good idea to determine whether an electrical panel can handle any new appliances they get. If the panel is old, installing a new appliance can put too much strain on the system, causing the breakers to trip often.

If homeowners start experiencing trips every week and they just installed a new appliance, chances are the new gadget is to blame. But this doesn't mean that they should get a different appliance. Instead, it's a sign that they need to upgrade their electrical panel to fit the pull of modern electrical appliances.

When Adding Circuit Breakers or Other Major Changes

Some older homes still have fuse boxes instead of circuit breakers. While this is fairly rare, it is a cause for concern. While fuses do work to protect their home, they aren't as easy to use as circuit breakers. When a breaker trips due to a power surge, they simply need to flip the tripped breaker back into position. Fuses, on the other hand, need to be replaced every time they receive a power surge.

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Another common time to upgrade or replace the panel is when they make any major electrical changes. When they build an addition to the home, it's not uncommon to find out that the current panel won't fit the needs that the new addition requires. They'll either have to replace the panel altogether or add a sub-panel to handle new electrical needs.

Unless a homeowner is a certified electrician, it may be illegal to upgrade or replace the electrical panel on their own. If they have questions or concerns about their current or future electrical needs, it's best to consult a professional instead.

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