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Dry VS Humid Air: Is Humidity Good at Home?

Dry VS Humid Air: Is Humidity Good at Home?

People often hear individuals complain about the level of humidity in their homes; especially in the hot summer months. But there are also people having humidifiers installed in their homes in order to increase the level of humidity. So, which is the right answer?

To put a basic point on it, both are correct. Humidity in the home can be a good thing as long as it is not in excess. Excess humidity can cause health effects and other issues, but so can having air that is too dry.

Due to all the common misconceptions regarding humidifiers and dehumidifiers, this article gives an overview of the health effects and the pros and cons of both systems.

Health Issues

Health risks that are associated with too humid or too dry air are significant. The risks related to air that is too humid are:

  • Increased allergies, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, skin rashes, and asthma from mold and mildew build-up.
  • Risks associated with air that is too dry can actually be similar to those risks associated with air that is too humid. These risks include dry and itchy skin, irritated eyes, dry throat and cough, trouble breathing, allergies, bloody nose, sinus issues, and dry and cracked lips.
  • As mentioned, air that is too humid or too dry can actually have the same health risks. It is with that thought in mind, that many experts believe homes will benefit from having both units in place.

Pros of a Home Humidifier

When dry and cold weather starts to appear, people begin to notice issues like dry skin, cough, and brittle fingernails. Unfortunately, these are not the only issues. In an effort to combat these problems, many homeowners opt for a home humidifier. The pros of having such a system are:

  • Better Skin, Hair, and Nails- Having dry air at home makes hair, skin, and nails become dry and brittle. Adding moisture in the air will help to alleviate this issue.
  • Allergies- Dry air can cause the nasal passages and throat to become dry. This can make any allergies, asthma, and sinus issues worse. Adding humidity can act as a moisture barrier to alleviate the symptoms of colds and allergies.
  • Influenza- When the humidity in the air is above 40%, cold germs have a hard time surviving. Keeping some moisture in the air (that is not oppressive) can actually reduce the likelihood of catching a cold.
  • Snoring- The dryer the air, the worse snoring usually is. A humidifier can reduce the amount of snoring allowing most people and their partners to get better sleep.
  • Other Benefits- Other things at home that will benefit from humidity are house plants, wood floors, wallpaper and wall art. All of these can become brittle in the dry air,

All of these benefits points to humidifiers being a good idea in the dry and cold months of the year. Not only will they help with health issues, but they can make home a more comfortable place.

The Pros of a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is the exact opposite of a humidifier. This unit removes excess moisture in the air. Excess moisture has its own set of troubles; all of which can be reduced by a dehumidifier installed at home.

  • Reduced Allergies- Things like mold, dust mites, and mildew love warm and humid air. They can make allergies a lot worst. A dehumidifier will help take the excess moisture out of a home, leading to a space where some allergens will not be able to thrive.
  • Unpleasant Odors- Dehumidifiers can also help alleviate foul odors that are hard to get rid of in the humid air.
  • Less Disruption- Dehumidifiers are quite to run. That being said, there is very little disruption on a day to day basis.
  • Breathing Easy- Humid air can make it difficult for people to breathe. This is especially true for those with respiratory illnesses such as asthma and emphysema.
  • Keeping Things Dry- A dehumidifier can help dry clothes, furniture, curtains, and even hair. When the weather is hot, no one wants to use a clothes dryer and will often leave clothes and other items out to dry. With too much moisture in the air, this can be an uphill battle.
  • Reduced Energy Costs- An AC does help with the excess moisture in the air, but it is not as effective as a dehumidifier. Also, the core humidity is in the air, so the harder an AC has to work to remove it. Lessing that burden on an air conditioning unit will reduce most energy bills.

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