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Easy Ways Homeowners Can Enjoy Eco-Friendly, Green Plumbing

Easy Ways Homeowners Can Enjoy Eco-Friendly, Green Plumbing

Eco-Friendly Plumbing For Your Home

It is impossible to ignore that the ecosystem of the world is a disaster. While it may seem easier to hide from it, the real truth is that every person on Earth has an important role to play in helping to save the planet. Many homeowners feel like they, as only one person, can't make a difference.

However, there are many simple changes that they can make to help. If every homeowner can commit to making just a single change, the world might stand a chance. One place to start is with making the shift to green plumbing.

Green Plumbing And Water Pipes

green pipesWhile the actual pipes might not be the first thing that homeowners think of when considering making the switch to more green plumbing, it can make a huge difference. This mainly occurs in the materials that are chosen for the pipes and their long term impact on the environment around them.

There are three materials talked about the most in this conversation - copper, cast iron, and galvanized steel.

Copper is recyclable and does not contain any chemicals that may leach into the environment. Cast iron is talked about in a similar manner, as 100% of cast iron pipes are made from recycled materials.

Galvanized steel is also a great green plumbing choice due to the lack of maintenance required and its long lifetime (around 40 years). Homeowners who can't afford to replace their entire pipes should also consider using pipe insulation. This will help reduce heat loss, which lowers the amount of electricity needed for the home. In addition, this step can also save the homeowner money.

Turning Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

One of the easiest places that homeowners can make more environmentally friendly choices is in the bathroom. There are many simple changes that can be made to save water here. Homeowners should focus on the faucet, shower, and toilet. They can start by installing an aerator on their faucet, which can change the flow rate from up to 7 gallons a minute to less than 2.

bathroom plumbing

They are also easily installed to the majority of pre-existing faucets. The same can be done with the shower, by installing a different, more eco-friendly showerhead. High-efficiency toilets are also a great choice for green plumbing. Homeowners should regularly check all of their bathroom plumbing for leaks as well, which may not always be obvious.

Your Outdoor Plumbing Can Also Make an Impact

outdoor plumbingOutdoor plumbing presents the largest leak potential in the home, as outdoor plumbing isn't as closely monitored as the plumbing inside the home is.

All of those unseen leaks and drips start to add up, not only in terms of the water bill but also in damage to the environment.

Homeowners should consider hiring a plumber to come out and check the irrigation system to make sure it is running at its most efficient.

Installing more drought-friendly plants that require less watering also can save significant amounts of water, as is making the choice to water the lawn less.

Working With Your Local Pros

Located in Marietta, Snappy Electric, Plumbing, Heating, & Air offers family-friendly, expert service with a smile. They are open seven days a week and hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Not only do they offer plumbing upgrades and repairs, but also they can help you convert your home's plumbing system into an environmentally friendly and green system.