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Green Energy Facts in Time for St. Patrick's Day

Green Energy Facts in Time for St. Patrick's Day

FAQs About Green Energy Options

The debate about green energy continues to heat up, and there is an abundance of information available that shows the pros and cons of all types of energy sources. While so much of our society is built upon the need for cheap energy from fossil fuels, renewable options continue to grow in popularity, especially regarding energy generation for homes.

The good news is that homeowners have plenty of good options to reap the benefits of generating their own electricity. This quick guide is for homeowners that want a primer on their options for energy sources around their home. Local electricians offer their advice.

Different Options for Renewable Energyrenewable energy

There are lots of options when it comes to generating enough energy for a home to be energy independent. The two most popular are solar and wind energy. Solar energy is gathered by panels that are usually mounted on a roof that convert sunlight to electricity. Wind energy is largely gathered by wind turbines that turn the movement of air into power. Both are popular alternative choices for grid-scale power, but they are also great for generating the amount of power a home would use.


Benefits of Pushing for Green Energy

The popularity of green energy has exploded in the last few decades because technology has made it competitive with traditional fossil fuel energy generation. Now homeowners can take advantage of such benefits as:

  • Government Incentives: Tons of rebates are available for homes that increase their energy independence. Government rebates for solar or wind power help make the installation costs more feasible. Additionally, rebates exist for installing more energy-efficient appliances.
  • Lower Bills: Electricity generated for a home can be cheaper than buying it from a power company. Many renewable systems can earn homeowners money by adding their excess power back to the grid and the power company paying them for it.
  • Energy Security: Renewable energy sources can be available even when the grid goes down. The peace of mind that comes with always having power is a great reason to look into renewable energy.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Every homeowner that installs renewable energy options lowers their carbon footprint. With enough homes switching over to renewable options, individual homeowners can make a real dent in carbon emissions.

The Best Option for Renewable Energy

Finding the right fit for a home can be as simple as asking for help from an electrical contractor. However, as a rule of thumb, solar energy is better suited for small-scale energy generation than wind power. Solar energy is easier to install and maintain since it is accessible on a rooftop or an open stretch of land. On the other hand, wind energy requires special equipment to service turbines high in the air.

Solar energy is more reliable because sunny days are more predictable than wind patterns. Most solar systems are oversized to accommodate overcast days, but there is no way to make such assumptions about wind energy. Overall, solar panels are a great option for nearly every situation.

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