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How To Avoid a Clogged Toilet Drain

How To Avoid a Clogged Toilet Drain

Common Causes of Clogged Toilet

Cleaning a clogged toilet is never a fun experience. There's the fear of dirty water splashing out as you use the plunger. You also have to look straight at yours or, even worse, someone else's last trip to the bathroom. After you finally clear the drain, you still have to wash off the plunger. This is why it is best to prevent clogging in a toilet. Below is an explanation of toilet drains, how they get clogged, and what you can do to prevent clogging.

How Your Toilets Drain

A toilet drain is the part of the toilet that is connected to the sewer line in a house or building. In the drain, there is usually a flap that is lifted when you go to flush the toilet, and the power of the water pushing down along with gravity carries the waste out of the toilet bowl, down the drain, and into the sewer line. If the flap isn't working properly, then the toilet will keep draining water even when no one is using the restroom.

There are many different types of toilets on the market right now. Your typical toilet comes with a water tank above the bowl, and then a stool to keep the toilet off the ground. A popular toilet type right now is a built-in toilet, as it is literally built into the wall. The toilets look smaller because the tank is out of sight within the wall. Automatic flushing toilets are also a popular option.

How Toilet Clogs Are Removed

How Toilet Clogs Are Removed
A lot of different things can lead to a clogged toilet. Trying to flush something that isn't flushable, like a diaper, can get clogged in the toilet drain. Some toilets are only built to handle small loads. These are called low-flow toilets. They typically use less water, but can't flush when there's a large amount of waste in the bowl. If the flap is not working correctly, this can lead to a clogged toilet. Also, a backed-up sewer can lead to a clogged toilet.

There are many ways you can try to unclog a toilet. You can always use a plunger to break the waste up, making it easier to flush. You can also use hot water to try to break down the waste that went in. Dish soap can also be used to lubricate whatever is stuck and send it down the drain. If you flushed a non-flushable item, you can use a hanger to grab it and bring it back up to throw it in the trash.

Toilet Clog Prevention Tips

The best way to fix a clogged toilet is to not let it get clogged in the first place. Don't throw non-flushable items down the sink. If you're not sure something is flushable, throw it away. Also, avoid using too much toilet paper when using the toilet, especially if you have a low-flow toilet. Also, regularly to maintenance and checks on your sewer system. If you detect any kind of problems, get it taken care of as soon as possible instead of waiting and hoping the problem goes away.

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