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Learn the Basics of Air Duct Cleaning

Learn the Basics of Air Duct Cleaning

A Beginners Guide to Air Duct Cleaning & Maintenance

Here’s some good news about air duct cleaning. Unless an HVAC system experiences mold growth, rodent infestations, or other troubling issues, one doesn’t need to clean it too often.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air duct cleaning plays a vital role in reducing allergens. Also, keeping a vigilant eye on one’s air ducts can extend the life of the AC system (about 16 years on average) and prevent any future problems from arising.

Here, one can learn everything they need to know about maintaining their air ducts. If homeowners have specific questions about their AC system or air ducts, they should consult a qualified professional.

Signs That It’s Time to Clean the Air Ductsbad smell

The EPA notes that one should have their air ducts cleaned if:

  • Musty smells: Musty smells coming from the air ducts indicate dirty ducts. The bad smell can be caused by dust being burned by the system.
  • Mold is growing on the air duct’s surfaces: One generally doesn’t have to worry about mold growth in their air ducts if they’re made out of sheet metal. These materials reduce mold growth, making them ideal building materials for many homeowners. However, some other duct materials do not have the same quality.
  • Rodents or bugs have entered the air ducts: Animal waste and bacteria blowing through the home’s vents can compromise the house’s indoor air quality. Signs of an infestation in the air ducts include cockroach eggs, animal waste, and noise from the air ducts.
  • Excessive dust: If too much dust accumulates inside one’s air duct system, this can compromise the home’s indoor air quality because dust will be distributed throughout the house by the AC system.

Many homeowners do not know how to access their air ducts or clean them. This is where consulting an HVAC professional comes in. They should be the ones to conduct air duct cleanings.

Clean Air Ducts Come with Many Positivesenergy savings

The EPA lists some of the many benefits of having air duct cleanings:

  • Better indoor air quality: Too much dust, debris, and particles in the air can affect a home’s indoor air quality. Aside from discomfort, it can also cause respiratory problems, mold growth, and above-average humidity.
  • Energy savings: Dirty air ducts can affect how well the air conditioning system functions. When an AC system has to work “overtime,” this can increase how much homeowners owe in energy bills.
  • A longer AC system lifespan: With proper maintenance, an AC system can last 15 years with minimal problems. However, neglecting to clean one’s AC system (including its air ducts) can cause countless problems. If left unaddressed, fixing certain issues could end up costing more than getting a new system.


Tips for Keeping Air Ducts Clean

There are also things that homeowners can do to keep the ducts clean between professional duct cleanings and extend the benefits of clean air ducts. Keeping the home’s air ducts clean is easy. One just needs to:

  • Routinely change the AC system’s air filter: Homeowners should change their air filters at least once every three months, or more often if the home has pets or residents that suffer from allergies.
  • Schedule maintenance visits: A professional can do more than inspect and clean one’s air duct system; they can also prevent certain problems by catching issues early. It is recommended to have two maintenance visits a year for the HVAC system, one for the AC and one for heating.
  • Regularly vacuum the home: The EPA notes that having a high-efficiency vacuum can effectively clean the house. This can prevent dust and other debris from getting inside the air vents.


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