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The House Isn't Haunted - It's Just the Water Heater

The House Isn't Haunted - It's Just the Water Heater

Discover the Spooky Sounds of a Water Heater

There are plenty of noises around the house that can give people the creeps. Between the wind and that tree branch scratching the window, October nights can be spooky. The truly horrifying situation for homeowners is hearing noises that indicate something is wrong in the house. Despite a fear of spooky noises, they probably dread home repairs more.

Most of the fear of spooky noises comes from the fear of the unknown. Around the home, hearing noises that indicate a problem can drive a homeowner crazy but having a little knowledge about the cause of the sound could give them peace of mind. Instead of fearing the unknown, take advice from these local water heater repair experts. Understanding the sounds that water heaters make can help put fears to rest.

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Screeching or Hissing

The hot water plumbing in a home is the source of a lot of strange noises. The hot water side of the plumbing system has to work harder than all the rest, so it's no surprise that it is more likely to need repairs. Many of these problems start at the water heater itself, and the first two noises are perfect examples of this.

Hissing is a common water heater noise that indicates water hitting the burner. When a tank begins to leak, water can drop onto the hot burner where it immediately turns to steam with a loud hiss. Instead of worrying about the problem, homeowners should call a plumber for help. The tank may need to be replaced, but the plumber can set the homeowner up on a water heater maintenance schedule to prevent problems in the new tank.

Screeching happens as a result of a flow restriction. In piping, it can be due to scale that has formed inside the pipe. At the water heater, it is likely the heat traps have gone bad. A quick call to a plumber can drive out this haunting noise and restore efficiency to the unit.

Rumbling Water Heater Tank

When rumbling is present in a tank, it is always due to poor water heater maintenance. Rumbling is unmistakable because it sounds like boiling water, which it is. As sediment gathers in the tank, the burner causes water to boil underneath the scale. This interferes with the efficiency of the unit. Often a quick draining and flushing of the system can stop this noise.


Humming is a common problem in electric water heaters. Electric water heaters use powerful resistance coils to heat water. When a humming sound that indicates a problem is heard, it will sound like an electrical humming. The humming results from a heating element that has come loose or is about to burn out.

Luckily, heating elements are quick and easy to replace. So, instead of taking a chance, have a plumber replace the heating elements.

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