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Ways To Stay Nice and Cool in the Summer Heat

Ways To Stay Nice and Cool in the Summer Heat

Stay Cool This Summer With These Three Tips

For many people around the country, August is the hottest month of the year. And although school is starting back up, that doesn't mean that things are cooling off for a while. So while summer vacation comes to a close and everyone settles in for another school year, it's still important to stay cool before fall gradually fades in. Luckily, there are three great ways to stay cool in the home without taxing the AC system. Read on to find out what they are!

Take Cooler Showersshower

While a cool shower may sound like the craziest thing ever during the fall or winter months, it's a beautiful thing during hot summers. Anyone who has ever taken a hot shower only to towel off and realize that they're sweating knows how good a cool shower can be when it's hot outside. Not only can lowering the water temperature in the shower lower one's body temperature, but it can have other benefits.

Cold showers can increase circulation in the body, which can help reduce inflammation. Plus, a cold shower in the morning is a great way to get alert and awake to face the day. Anecdotal evidence shows that cold showers can also make skin and hair take on a healthy glow. And lastly, for those that exercise, a cold shower can help reduce muscle soreness.

Let the Sheets Helpbed

Another good way to keep cool during the summer has to do with bedsheets. Many a good night's sleep has been interrupted by a too-hot bed. Waking up sticky with sweat and feeling dehydrated is something to avoid, but it can be hard during the hot summer months. Cranking up the thermostat can do the trick, but that also cranks up the cost of the utility bill. Instead of tossing money away every summer night, invest in a pair of nice, breathable sheets to help stay cool this summer.

There are three materials to look for when finding cooling sheets: bamboo, linen, and cotton. Other fabrics tend to trap body heat as the night goes on. This is all fine and good in the winter, but this is the last thing people want during the summer. So looking for thin, breathable sheets made out of one of the materials above can do the trick. And these sheets don't have to break the bank, either! They're available in a wide price range.

Replace the AC Filter

Last but not least, tip number three is simple but yet so hard to remember for many: Replace the AC filter on time. This is important for a couple of different reasons. But to stay cool, it's paramount. When the filter is in use for longer than optimal, it becomes clogged with dust and debris. When this happens, the AC unit has to work harder to circulate air, which can cause it to struggle to cool the home.

Replacing the AC filter every 3 months will also help to ensure that the air inside the home is clean and that the AC unit isn't overly stressed. When taken together, the tips on this list can help the household stay cool and comfortable for the summer!

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