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Reduce Your Summer Energy Bill with 6 Simple Solutions

Reduce Your Summer Energy Bill with 6 Simple Solutions

Every new season brings about change, and for homeowners, those changes signal some weekend projects around the house. Keep it simple. Standard home maintenance activities work because they keep simple problems from escalating into complex issues. Keep your energy bill in check with some simple solutions that any homeowner (from beginner to experienced DIYer) should as the summer season approaches.

During the spring and summer, the warm weather entices us to spend time with friends and enjoy the company of others. As the weather rises, then we want to ensure that our homes provide a comfortable setting to spend time with our loved ones.

We hope these simple solutions will not only help reduce your energy bill, but also make your home more comfortable this summer!

Reduce Your Energy Bill with Simple Weekend Projects

To help with the change in temperature (and energy bill), here are some weekend projects that any DIYer can complete.

1. Update and Replace Light Bulbs

Take an hour or so this weekend and check out your light bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs, such as CFLs and LEDs are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs because they use less energy. Keep in mind that CFLs should be recycled once they burn out.

If most of your light bulbs are the standard incandescent bulb, then head to the local hardware store. CFLs and LEDs can be expensive if you replace your entire home, so start with a couple of high use bulbs or (or wait until they run out and replace with more efficient light bulbs).

2. Check and Change the Air Filters

Air filters are a key component of a functioning HVAC system, so take a couple of minutes to change out the air filters this weekend.

Why do clean air filters make such a difference?

Air from inside the home is pulled in through it, cooled by the AC, and then supplied to the rest of the home through the HVAC system. The air filter prevents dirt, dust, and other particles from entering your system and moving to other areas of the home, so, if the filter is dirty or clogged, it will reduce airflow and make the system work harder to keep you warm or cool you down.

3. Monitor the Electronics and Stop Devices from Sucking Energy

Take some time to walk around your house and note all of the devices (from appliances like microwaves to electronics like video game systems) with a clock or light. These devices are sucking energy (and are called vampire devices) because they are “on” even though the device is off.

To reduce your energy bill, plug these devices into surge protectors or use outlets connected to wall switches (because when the switch is off, so is the device).

Reduce Your Energy Bill with Energy Efficient Actions

To help reduce your energy bill in every season, then here are a few energy efficient actions that will make a difference, especially if done every year.

4. Maintain the Cooling System

Find a qualified HVAC technician to inspect your A/C system to ensure it is leak-free and operating as efficiently as possible before sizzling summer temperatures arrive. Also, have the tech provide a small training so you know how to clean air filters because this is essential to keeping the A/C unit running smoothly during the summer.


Many homeowners, particularly new homeowners, likely have energy efficient A/Cs installed in their home. However, simply because the A/C is energy efficient, it still requires maintenance due to normal usage in order to reduce your energy bill.

5. A/C Management

Managing the A/C (or heat in the winter) efficiently is different than maintenance because it protects against excessive (and over) use. For example, set the thermostat to 78 because the smaller the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures, the smaller your energy bill.


Often, we return home from a hot afternoon and look to crank the A/C to cool down the house. However, icing the house to keep you or your family cool for a couple of minutes adds up. If you maintain the A/C at a reasonable setting, then you’ll end up keeping your energy bill in check.

6. Insulate Your Home...Properly!

Proper insulation, not only cuts down on excess noise, but more importantly permits better temperature and humidity control in your home, while saving up to 20% on your energy bill.

Particularly in hot climates like the greater Atlanta area, keeping out the hot summer air might be as important for home comfort as keeping in the cool air.

Air will seep through cracks in the attic and walls, so to prevent warm air from leaking into your home – insulate the attic, which accounts for about 30% of a cooling system’s energy consumption.

For more details on power savings tactics, then the Department of Energy provides some great resources and insight into ways to reduce your energy bill this summer.

At Snappy, we simply want to help homeowners enjoy their homes. If you have any questions on how to keep your home more comfortable or general cooling issues, then don’t hesitate to call – we are here 24/7 to help!