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Snappy Shares the Best of Summer 2016

a palm tree with the sun behind it

The summer of 2016 was quite interesting. From the summer Olympics to a few pop culture sensations, there were plenty of fabulous reasons to stay cool at home and relax with our families.

The summer of 2016 was also one of the hottest summers in history, but there was plenty of ways to beat the heat outside. The summer is always a great time for some cookouts or simply relaxing on our decks and patios.

Here is a look at the Best of Summer 2016!

The Summer Olympics and the Fatal Five

One of the summer's hottest topic was the Olympics. Especially, the US women's gymnastics team, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps (among other swimming-related stories).

The US had an outstanding summer at the 2016 olympics, but it was the women of the Fatal Five who owned it and caught everyone's attention!

Pop Culture Hit a High with Pokemon Go

Nostalgia hit hard this summer when Niantic released every Pokemon fan's dream game to smart phones. Pokemon Go brings the world of Ash and Pikachu to the real world, but that's not what was so crazy about this game. It was obvious this was a hit when people would go for drives, pull down side streets, and jump out of their car to catch a Pikachu!

This game got gamers outside!

Finding Dory Wins the Movie of the Summer

Finding Dory's story of how our beloved blue tang lost her parents and her adventures in finding them again stole hearts and introduced this generation to the world below the sea.

We waited thirteen years for the sequel to Finding Nemo and at last it came… and blew the box office out of the water! Opening weekend, the film made $135,060,273! And in the US alone it made a gross total of $479,600,783! Needless to say, Finding Dory was well worth the wait!

Stranger Things Takes Over Summer Streaming

There was no build-up. No marketing. No grand announcements. This show gained popularity through word of mouth, and then it took over TVs everywhere. The classic look, the kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood, and the monster that leaves everyone going to sleep with a light on was reminiscent of all the great movies of the 80s.

Thankfully they've left us with enough questions to carry the story over to season two!

This is What You Came For is the Song of the Summer

Once again, Calvin Harris and Rhianna topped charts this summer with their hit "This is What You Came For" claiming the best song of summer 2016. There's no ballad-type belting like Welch's "Sweet Nothing" or a huge beat drop like Ne-Yo's "Let's Go" but Rhianna's song with Harris has the catchy beat and a hook that you won't mind having stuck in your head all day!

Whether you enjoyed these summer bests or found another way to relax, we hope everyone had a great summer!