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Marietta’s Most Complete & Affordable Service Plan Covering All Your Home Service Needs!

The Snappy Savings Club features a full-service peace of mind so you know everything in your home is working in tip-top shape! We make sure your systems run better, last longer and require fewer repairs – saving you money. For only $15 per month, all of your home comfort systems are covered with a Snappy Savings Club membership.

Compare this with our competitors, and industry standard, who charge to maintain or tune-up each system, making our value unbeatable – covering all systems for one low yearly investment!

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Why should you become a Snappy Savings Club member?

  • Keep your family comfortable
  • Avoid system breakdowns
  • Save money on energy and repair bills
  • Extend the life of your system
  • Save money on future system replacement
National Average Maintenance Costs
Air Conditioning $69 per Unit
Furnace $69 per Unit
Water Heater Flush $125
Plumbing Maintenance $125
Electrical Safety Inspection $125
Platinum Standard
Front of the Line Service Same Day Service if Called by 10am *Within 24 hours
Spring and Fall HVAC Maintenance (Includes 1" Pleated Filter)
Replace Thermostat Batteries
Annual Water Heater Flush***
Annual Plumbing Maintenance
Annual Electrical Safety Maintenance
Replace Smoke Detector Batteries
Lifetime Parts/Labor Warranties*
No HVAC Diagnostic Fee
Annual Credit on HVAC Replacement** $200 per year
Annual Credit on Water Heater Replacement** $100 per year
All Trades Service Repair Discount 15% 10%
Cost for Up to 2 Systems $25/month $15/month
Cost for Up to 2 Systems $25/month $15/month
Cost Per Each Additional System $10 $5
Tankless Heater Max -$500 | Tank Style Water Heater Max - $200 | HVAC Max - $1000
Our #1 Priority is Your Home's Happiness!
+ 2-18 point tune-ups

18-Point Furnace Tune-Up

  1. Replace air filter with standard 1" filter or clean
  2. Inspect for combustible material around furnace
  3. Thermostat - test operation and change batteries
  4. Ignition system - test for proper operation
  5. Check for proper exhaust venting
  6. Test safety an control circuits
  7. Clean and inspect burners
  8. Inspect heat exchanger
  9. Clean flame sensor or pilot
  10. Test capacitors
  11. Measure and adjust gas pressure
  12. Check for natural gas leak
  13. Inspect combustion air vents
  14. Electrical wiring - inspect and tighten connections
  15. Blower motor - check amps and blower wheel
  16. Measure supply/return temperature differential
  17. Flush water heater (less than 10 years old - tankless excluded)
  18. Inspect attic insulation


  1. Replace air filter with standard 1" filter or clean
  2. Blower motor - check amps and blower wheel
  3. Thermostat -test operation
  4. Inspect indoor coil - if accessible
  5. Condensate drain - blow out if accessible
  6. Inspect outdoor coil and remove debris
  7. Rinse outdoor coil and remove debris
  8. Check refrigerant charge
  9. Electrical disconnect box - inspect for proper rating and safety
  10. Electrical wiring - inspect for burned contacts
  11. Contactor - test and inspect for burned contacts
  12. Inspect electrical for exposed wiring
  13. Test capacitors
  14. Inspect fan blade
  15. Check service valves for proper operation
  16. Measure refrigerant super heat & sub cool
  17. Compressor - check amps and wiring connections
  18. Inspect duct work for energy loss
*Excludes after 5pm on Friday, weekends, and holidays. **The annual renewal of your Platinum Snappy Savings Club Membership allows you to build credits to toward future equipment replacements! At the time of each year's renewal, you receive the allotted credit per equipment category until all credits have reached their equipment credit max. Up to 2 years of credits ($200 on Platinum) will be deducted from the cost of a new water heater replacement - 5 years of credits ($500) for tankless. Up to 5 years credits ($1000) for new full HVAC system replacements, full credits cannot be applied to partial equipment change-outs. Max amount of $250 can be applied to a furnace, evaporator coil or condenser only purchase. If you sell the home and move within the Snappy service area, the remainder of the plan will transfer to your new home with equipment credits. Equipment credits and Savings Club cannot be transferred to a new owner. ***Water heater flush only applicable for water heaters less than 10 years old.

Ready to gain peace of mind in your plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems and save money in the meantime? Call us at (770) 424-7627 to see how the Snappy Savings Club can help you do just that.

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  • “This company is top notch! I found them via google and read reviews before booking them. Dennis and Steven were very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Keept me up to date throughout the entire process. Highly recommended. Will use again in the future!”

    Nicholas G.

  • “This company was very responsive from the initial phone call to the completion of the job. Our plumber, Steve’s work is that of a perfectionist; we were so lucky to have had him do our job. I do not hesitate to give them the highest rating.”

    Denise M.

  • “This is the second time we’ve use Snappy Services and we have been very pleased with them. They do great work, are very professional and keep their appointments to the scheduled time.”

    Allison K.

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