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Sump Pumps Are the First Line of Defense Against Floods

Sump Pumps Are the First Line of Defense Against Floods

Do You Know What a Sump Pump Is?

Sump pumps are one of the most efficient and effective ways to remove unwanted water from a home. Sump pumps are typically found in basements or other low points. They have a small pit or basin called a sump, and their primary function is to pump out water that has accumulated due to rain, groundwater, or other water sources entering the area.

How Do Sump Pumps Remove Unwanted Water?

Sump pumps detect when water is present and rising. The pumps contain a float that rises with the water and, when high enough, completes an electrical circuit that turns on the pump, beginning the water removal.

Be sure to inspect the reference chart on the sump pump before purchasing. This chart will describe how much water the pump can displace by identifying the head and flow specifications.

The head is the distance the water must travel to be removed, and the flow refers to the amount of water the pump can remove (usually in gallons per minute). The higher the head, the lower the flow because the pump must work harder to push the water a longer distance. Homeowners should pay close attention to the head and flow of any sump pump they are considering.

Types of Sump Pumps Available

Submersible units and pedestal pumps are the two most common types of sump pumps. Submersible pumps, as the name implies, are placed inside the sump and operate underwater. Many professionals consider submersible pumps more reliable, and because of their placement, they are quieter. However, they are more expensive and don't last as long as the other option. These pumps are not as accessible if a sump pump repair is needed because the motor is in the basin.

Pedestal pumps have their motor on top and sit above the sump pit. Pedestal pumps are the cheaper and longer-lasting option. They are also easier to service than submersible units because of their placement. However, some professionals consider pedestal pumps inferior, and because the motor is not submerged, they are louder.

Benefits of Installing Sump Pumps

Homeowners should consider having a sump pump as essential insurance against flooding and water damage. These pumps ensure a home is protected when traditional barriers are overwhelmed. There are many causes of flooding that vary from location to location. If the house is in an area susceptible to excessive rainfall or large amounts of snowmelt, the sump pump will remove water that gets past established defenses.

Some homeowners depend on the property's drainage to protect their homes. However, if a significant amount of water comes in a short period, the property's drainage may be overwhelmed. If this happens, having a sump pump in place may prove invaluable. A homeowner should consider investing in a sump pump if a home is in a damp area prone to moisture and mildew. If not addressed, these conditions may lead to property damage, foundation issues, and mold growth that will be difficult to manage.

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