Marietta AC Refrigerant Leak Repair Service

Is your air conditioner not cooling your home anymore? Chances are it’s a refrigerant leak. Call us for an appointment!

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant is essential for keeping you and your family cool during the dog days of summer, so when you have a leak, it can be a disaster! While your refrigerant should be good for the life of your air conditioner, sometimes it leaks and that’s when you need air conditioner refrigerant leak repair.

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What Causes Refrigerant Leaks

Among the problems that air conditioners have, refrigerant leaks rank as one of the most common. And when you’re out of refrigerant, you get no more cold air. Here are the 3 most common causes of refrigerant leaks.

  1. Wear & Tear from use
  2. Holes Caused By Formic Acid
  3. Pin Holes Caused By Formaldehyde

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home the way it used to, you may have an AC refrigerant leak, which is a serious problem that requires professional help.

Is a Refrigerant Leak Dangerous?

While there are different refrigerants used in air conditioners, the most common in older units is Freon with newer units relying on R410. Both chemicals are dangerous to the environment and to humans and can cause skin irritation and respiratory damage if it’s inhaled.

If you suspect you have a refrigerant leak, it’s essential you call in a professional refrigerant leak repair specialist right away.

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Why Us?

There are plenty of plumbers you can call on when you need help here in Marietta, GA, but we’d like you to call us first because we’re available 24/7 for emergency help so you’ll never suffer through an emergency alone, and we offer flat-rate pricing so there’s never a surprise on your bill.

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