Marietta Water Leak Detection Company

Have your water bills suddenly skyrocketed? If so, you may have an undetected water leak! Call us for water leak services right away!

A sudden increase in your water bills could indicate that you have an unseen water leak. The longer that water continues to leak, the more of your money goes down the drain. If you suspect that you have a water leak that you can’t see, call our water leak services technicians for an appointment right away.

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How to Diagnose a Water Leak

If you’ve noticed your water bill going up and don’t think you’re using any more water than usual, there are ways you can check to determine if you have a water leak. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Make sure no water is running in the house
  • Check your water meter and see if it indicates water flow
  • Or you can take a meter reading and then another one an hour later

If you’ve tried these tips and noticed that you still have water flow registering on your meter, then you have an undetected leak. These leaks need to be resolved quickly because they’re wasting your hard-earned money. Call a water leak repair company right away for a fix.

How a Plumber Can Detect Water Leaks

If you suspect or have determined you have a water leak, it can be a challenge to figure out exactly where that leak is coming from. That’s where water leak repair companies come in. Your professional plumber has a variety of methods to determine exactly where a water leak is so they can begin fixing it immediately. Here’s how:

  • Video - Your plumber can run a fiber optic cable down your line to see where the leak is.
  • Smoke - Another method your plumber can use is to send smoke down your line and see if it escapes through holes or cracks.

It’s vital that you get your water leak detected and fixed right away because every minute that water runs, is money out of your pocket.

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Every minute your water leak persists means money out of your pocket. Call Snappy Electric, Plumbing, Heating, & Air at (770) 424-7627 if you’re in the Marietta, GA area and suspect you have a water leak.